The most opulent surfaces for the most discerning interiors.


To capture the beauty of nature, we engineer the glass to create stonelike veins running through a sea of translucent color. Mixing silica with sodium, calcium, fluorspar, and many other minerals, then multiple fusings up to 2300 F.  Colors are often made from scratch, customized to evoke the luminous complexity of precious minerals.  Cobalt's iconic deep blue,  Sulphur amber, even Gold chloride for the deepest amethyst purples.  Plus a dash of dichroic, Lanthanides, mica, and every tool available to create these stunning beauties for your home. 

Glass acquires strength in thickness.  (That's why basement security windows are made of glass block).  In hardness and scratch resistance, it is midway between granite and marble.  In heat durability, much the same as bonded quartz.  In stain resistance, superior to all. We cold fuse sheet glass over the textured glass, for a mirror smooth, hard and sterile surface.  And of course in beauty, matchless and timeless, like those rare samples of pure Lapis Lazuli or real rose quartz tables you'd see in a museum.  No sealant necessary, just Windex.

The relative cost of our glass is about twice the nicer granites, and half that of real mineral slab.  It is cut and polished much like granite, so we can easily work with your local contractor.  Custom orders are welcome, please be advised we cannot do refunds on custom orders.

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